We offer a wide variety of services.


Therapy Physics Services

Diagnostic Radiation Physics

Radiation Safety

Nuclear Medicine

Shielding Design

QED provides comprehensive therapy medical physics services, including full service health physics support.  We assist clients with services from initial facility design, including linear accelerator vault shielding design, to CT simulator and linear accelerator acceptance and commissioning, to ongoing clinical operations.


Initial facility design and setup services include:


• Facility design

• Linac shielding design

• CT simulator shielding design

• Linac shielding surveys

• CT shielding surveys

• Linac acceptance and commissioning

• Photon and Electron beam calibrations

• CT acceptance and commissioning

• Low (LDR) and high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy systems

• MLC systems

• IMRT and VMAT program commissioning

• Enhance dynamic or motorized wedge systems

• Treatment planning system commissioning including

any beam modeling

• IROC dosimetry quality assurance

• ACR accreditation

• Initial radioactive materials application


Ongoing clinical support services:


• 3-D, IMRT, SBRT, SRS, VMAT patient planning

• Patient Specific Quality Assurance

• Clinical 2nd check calculations & weekly Chart review

• LDR and HDR Brachytherapy (including Mammosite,

prostate implants, conventional LDR, and HDR)

• Radiopharmaceutical treatments

• Radioactive materials management (NRC or State)

• Staff education

• Record and verify management

• Departmental operations management


Initial and ongoing QA services:


• TG-142 Quality Assurance Compliance

• Linac and simulators

• Treatment planning systems

• HDR Brachytherapy systems

• Brachytherapy sources (leak tests and inventory)

• Radioactive materials license management

• Chart review and chart rounds

• TG-51 photon and electron calibrations

• Dosimetry factor verification

• TG-142 QA Compliance

• TG-66 for CT simulators

     Our diagnostic medical physicist use the most current ACR procedures for testing all diagnostic imaging modalities.  Save on the cost of expensive ACR phantoms.  We have our own nuclear medicine PET/SPECT phantoms and CT phantoms.  Facilities are required to perform weekly quality assurance measurements with the ACR MRI phantom, so each facility will need to purchase and maintain an MRI phantom.


MRI Services:

ACR Annual Physics Inspection


     A QED qualified medical physicist will perform the annual MRI physics testing.  Our staff will provide a comprehensive physics report meeting ACR standards for each MRI.  A qualified medical physicist will setup the MRI quality assurance program and provide initial quality assurance training to your staff.


CT Services

ACR Annual Physics Inspection


     A QED qualified medical physicist scan our ACR CT image quality phantom and dose phantoms according to ACR procedures.  The qualified medical physicist will review and analyze the data.  Our physicist will provide a comprehensive physics report meeting ACR standards for each CT.  This service also includes your required state physics inspection report.

    QED presently provides a spectrum of radiation safety support to hospital and clinics to include:


• Radioactive material license preparation and management (NRC or State)

• Radioactive source material inventory and leak testing

• Personnel dosimetry consultation and support

• Area surveys

• Annual Radiation Safety Audits


    QED is staffed by experienced, qualified, and Certified Health Physicists (CHP) capable of providing a broad spectrum of professional health physics consulting support to facilities or organizations. Some of the health physics services we provide include:


• Survey/inspections of x-ray generating equipment used by Federal, State and local   governmental agencies; or private security firms

• Staff and personnel training in the transport of hazardous radioactive materials (DOT Training) along with general radiation safety

• Consulting services for radioactive waste management

• Industrial or manufacturing operations that use radioactive materials or x-ray generating equipment

• Industrial and/or non-clinical Radioactive Materials License preparation and management (NRC or State)

• Research and development support in which radioactive materials or x-ray generating equipment are used

• Perform swipe contamination surveys to include gamma-spectroscopy

ACR Annual Physics Inspection:


     A QED qualified medical physicist will prepare the Jaszczak phantom for annual testing PET and SPECT cameras.  QED staff will scan and score the Jaszczak phantom.  We provide testing for PET, PET/CT, SPECT, and SPECT/CT.  This service also includes the state CT inspection.  Our physicists will provide a comprehensive physics report meeting ACR standards.


Quarterly Jaszczak Phantom:


     QED staff will prepare the Jaszczak phantom for quarterly testing SPECT cameras.  QED staff will scan and score the Jaszczak phantom.  Our staff will provide a quarterly physics report meeting ACR standards.


State X-ray Inspections:


     QED provides state x-ray compliance inspections for radiography, fluoroscopy, CT, mammography, DXA, and dental equipment.  A state registered inspection will perform the compliance inspection of the x-ray equipment and complete all state mandated reports.  The completed reports will be provided to you.

Shielding Design


• Facility shielding designs for radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, and other clinical and non-clinical facilities requiring radiation shielding.

• Specific Clinical Shielding Designs for:

            o Clinical Linear Accelerators vaults

            o CT simulator rooms

            o X-ray, Fluoroscopic, and Special Procedures rooms

            o Nuclear Medicine and PET imaging rooms

• Shielding validation and evaluation measurements for all completed vaults and rooms

• Radiography and Fluoroscopy physics inspections